Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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Monday, November 19, 2012

Shop name changed

In setting up my shop on Etsy , I discovered I had to make a change in my name.  It will be called:

 Love Creations by Carol.

  This shop is just in the start up stage so do not try to view until I announce a grand opening....Thank you!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Carol’s Loving Creations

Planning on finally following a plan I believe God put in my heart years ago.  I have played with it and created some gifts for people in my life but I have not persued it to the degree in which I feel I am lead to do, so this is the time.

Thanksgiving 2012 will be my official date remembered as my focus on:

Carol's Loving Creations!

What exactly this is , I write poems and prayers when put on my heart to do so.  Sometimes these are personalized prayers for family members or loved ones that others ask me to write a personalized prayer for and present in a 8x10 frame along with a picture of the one receiving the prayer or of who the prayer is from.

Here is a sample of what I am talking about on the prayers, I also take poems that I write and post them on top of a beautiful photo that friends and family share with me....

I'm so excited to finally have the time in my life to fulfill my passions.  Since I am picking up night sihifts at solutions this allows me more alone time in life to feel creative and to write again!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Back to work!

Today November 10,2012 is a blessing!

Today I am enjoying my first "night" back to Solutions.  I was suppose to have worked yesterday but I was notified Thursday that they needed me to work 8pm till 8am Friday night thru Monday night.  I immediately set to have a non-sleeping slumber party with my oldest daughter(since she already works nights)  Thursday so I could sleep all day Friday and therefore work the night shift following.

I stayed up all night long and then went home at 8:30am to precede to pass out from exhaustion ,  I passed out but my body naturally woke up two hours later and refused to go back to sleep!  Two o'clock came and still no sleep after being up for 32 hours with only two hours of sleep....I had to sadly call my boss and explain my dilemma.  Explaining that I did not want to let her down by falling asleep on the job she quickly gave me a number to a co-worker to see if he could fill in for me.  Thank God this co-worker agreed and I could relax knowing the shift was comvered and no longer keep looking at clock counting if I fall asleep now, I can sleep 4 hours and would that be enough to stay awake?  No God helped me out and I relaxed, I stayed awake till 11pm Friday and took a five hour nap, then got up so that I could sleep more in day and be sure to make it to work tonight.  Wow, not easy changing one's body to night rather than days!  I was so exhausted on Friday , I feared I'd end up in hospital due to the symptoms of MS taking me over from the lack of sleep.

There are three main things I must do to keep my symptoms at a minimum and that is REST, EAT PROPERLY and KEEP STRESS DOWN!   I am blessed now to be back at solutions and with a work family that will work with me on what schedule works best for me and one with the least stress.

Thank you God for always taking care of me when I can not take care of myself!  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unexpeccted Vacation

I'm blessed 11/7/12

This week has turned into an unexpected vacation as I prepare to return to my passion.  I needed to go do a new drug test and TB test Tuesday and those take 3 days to get back to employer so I am doing my best to relax, un-stress and catch up on cleaning jobs I had let pile up around my quaint apartment that myself, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend share. 

My heath and working too many hours and days of the week has caused me to learn to live in clutter.  I feel so much better when my home is nice and clean and organized. I am not rushing or overdoing anything, each day I will accomplish one project I''ve been putting off. A closet here a closet there, load things up to donate...I am blessed to have luxury time to talk with friends and reach out to those I have been too busy to stay in contact with.  Today I talked to two friends and tomorrow I plan on calling a dear friend from HS or two.

Thank you God for always watching over me and for all the blessings in each day.  Today I picked up my final paycheck (two days earlier than would of gotten it if I wasn't leaving), I also go a 48 hour shut off notice from the power company owing for two months at just dollars away from $300.  Because I got my paycheck early (because I got fired/resigned, I was able to keep my power on!!!  Gotta love how God works his miracles! 

May you see the blessings surrounding you each and every day. 
Carol :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Friends

November 3rd

Today was the first day off of my transition over from what I will call  "a temporary leave of absence" I had taken from my job to work somewhere else..."that other place".  I have not had a proper day off since I started there mid August.  I am so very blessed that my employer I had "temporarily" left, is welcoming me back home with all my family and friends that have the same heart I do for helping our clients. 

Today's blessing was a wonderful day of freedom, I woke feeling less stressed immediately.  I rested , taking my time cleaning out my brief case and my home preparing for my new adventure back to where I belong.

I am also blessed to have made a new friend....

This friend is the brother of my best friend here in Vegas.  I had heard about through Paula for 17 years.  I got to meet him a month ago when he and his girlfriend visited Las Vegas.  This man is everything his sister says he is and immediately when I met him, I sensed a calming, open ,loving nature about him and at same time a very intriguing draw to him... I'm glad we met and now we can be friends and get to know one another via Facebook and Blogs.  After all he is like family to me already!!!