Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Friends

November 3rd

Today was the first day off of my transition over from what I will call  "a temporary leave of absence" I had taken from my job to work somewhere else..."that other place".  I have not had a proper day off since I started there mid August.  I am so very blessed that my employer I had "temporarily" left, is welcoming me back home with all my family and friends that have the same heart I do for helping our clients. 

Today's blessing was a wonderful day of freedom, I woke feeling less stressed immediately.  I rested , taking my time cleaning out my brief case and my home preparing for my new adventure back to where I belong.

I am also blessed to have made a new friend....

This friend is the brother of my best friend here in Vegas.  I had heard about through Paula for 17 years.  I got to meet him a month ago when he and his girlfriend visited Las Vegas.  This man is everything his sister says he is and immediately when I met him, I sensed a calming, open ,loving nature about him and at same time a very intriguing draw to him... I'm glad we met and now we can be friends and get to know one another via Facebook and Blogs.  After all he is like family to me already!!!

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