Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unexpeccted Vacation

I'm blessed 11/7/12

This week has turned into an unexpected vacation as I prepare to return to my passion.  I needed to go do a new drug test and TB test Tuesday and those take 3 days to get back to employer so I am doing my best to relax, un-stress and catch up on cleaning jobs I had let pile up around my quaint apartment that myself, my youngest daughter and her boyfriend share. 

My heath and working too many hours and days of the week has caused me to learn to live in clutter.  I feel so much better when my home is nice and clean and organized. I am not rushing or overdoing anything, each day I will accomplish one project I''ve been putting off. A closet here a closet there, load things up to donate...I am blessed to have luxury time to talk with friends and reach out to those I have been too busy to stay in contact with.  Today I talked to two friends and tomorrow I plan on calling a dear friend from HS or two.

Thank you God for always watching over me and for all the blessings in each day.  Today I picked up my final paycheck (two days earlier than would of gotten it if I wasn't leaving), I also go a 48 hour shut off notice from the power company owing for two months at just dollars away from $300.  Because I got my paycheck early (because I got fired/resigned, I was able to keep my power on!!!  Gotta love how God works his miracles! 

May you see the blessings surrounding you each and every day. 
Carol :)

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