Sunday, November 18, 2012

Carol’s Loving Creations

Planning on finally following a plan I believe God put in my heart years ago.  I have played with it and created some gifts for people in my life but I have not persued it to the degree in which I feel I am lead to do, so this is the time.

Thanksgiving 2012 will be my official date remembered as my focus on:

Carol's Loving Creations!

What exactly this is , I write poems and prayers when put on my heart to do so.  Sometimes these are personalized prayers for family members or loved ones that others ask me to write a personalized prayer for and present in a 8x10 frame along with a picture of the one receiving the prayer or of who the prayer is from.

Here is a sample of what I am talking about on the prayers, I also take poems that I write and post them on top of a beautiful photo that friends and family share with me....

I'm so excited to finally have the time in my life to fulfill my passions.  Since I am picking up night sihifts at solutions this allows me more alone time in life to feel creative and to write again!!!

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